About us

Marcus and I have known each other for 30 years and grew up in neighbouring villages, but we found each other in Spain, which we had chosen independently as our destination in 2002.

Since then we share not only our passion for travelling, but also a home and since 2007 the love for our son Silas. Due to compulsory schooling, we have been tied to the school holidays for several years now in order to travel. Especially our tour with tent and off-road vehicle through South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland in 2013 and our Kalahari crossing in 2018 will be remembered.

With the apartments in Portugal we fulfill our dream of a base in the south of Europe, where we can enjoy a mild and sunny climate at any time and also escape the long grey winter in Germany for a short trip. And we would like to share this opportunity to relax with others: therefore we are looking forward to your visit in Raposeira, Portugal... where sun and sea invite you and your loved ones to a short or longer break!

Your hosts, Marcus & Anya


We want you to feel at home. Please check the accommodation briefly and report any faults within 24 hours. You will find information about our accommodation and the surrounding area in the folder in the house. If you have further questions during your stay, you can contact us at any time. We would be very happy if you browse through the existing entries in the guestbook and leave your own.

We have put a lot of effort into the decor and hope that you will spend a wonderful holiday in Raposeira. The following house rules should give you an aid, in which we describe how we imagine the handling of your holiday accommodation and its inventory in the ideal case. By a proper treatment of the apartments you will help us in the future to provide you with a beautiful apartment.

If you miss anything in the facility or you need help - please let us know immediately. Only in this way can we remedy any shortcomings quickly. We are happy to help you with questions about the property or for information on excursion tips. All things that are in the apartment or belong to it, may and should be used by the guests.


Useful information and rules concerning the property

Please be careful with the things in and around the house. Nobody would intentionally damage things in the accommodation, but accidents do happen and things are damaged or get broken. We would like you to inform us of the damage, so we can deal with it before the next guest occupies the apartment and not only find out after your departure.The leaseholder is liable for damages occurred, if he or his fellow travelers or their pets are to blame for the damage caused.

Kitchen/bathroom: When you leave, the kitchen should look as good as it did, when you moved in. In sinks, washbasins, showers and toilets no rubbish, food remains, harmful liquids or the like must be thrown or poured, otherwise it may result in unpleasant blockages.

Garbage disposal: Please separate your garbage in the available containers (paper/bottles/remaining garbage). In Portugal, garbage is not disposed of. Please dispose of your garbage in the designated containers. In Raposeira you can find containers at the market place. The containers are separated in glass, paper and plastic/metal. The residual waste can be disposed of in the bin at the lantern at the end of the row of houses.

Important for multiple travellers: Our holiday flats are ideally designed for the number of persons booked in each case. If additional guests travel with you, please inform us immediately so that we can provide bed linen and towels. Terrace and outdoor area: Please store all garden requirements in the apartment after departure. The parasols should be closed after use, otherwise the parasols may blow away, injure persons or cause damage to property due to the sometimes sporadic wind gusts.

Terrace and outdoor area: Please store all garden requirements in the apartment after departure. The parasols should be closed after use, otherwise the parasols may blow away, injure persons or cause damage to property due to the sometimes sporadic wind gusts.

Barbecue: Please clean the charcoal grill after use or before departure. Clean the grill grate and dispose of ash or remaining charcoal in the existing metal bucket,under no circumstances must you put into the domestic waste. If possible, dispose of meat and sausage remains with the residual waste - but never in the toilet.

To the parents: Please supervise your children and keep them away from the fireplace when you have a barbecue.

Pets: Pets are welcome by prior notification. We assume that any damage caused by the tenant's pets will be paid for by the tenant. For this dog liability insurance may be useful.

To the smokers: Smoking is strictly forbidden in our accommodations. We offer smoking facilities on the terrace, balcony or downstairs in the courtyard. Ashtrays are available and should also be used on the terrace and in the garden.

Rest periods: For the sake of good neighbourhood we ask you to observe the rest periods. According to the local stature the rest periods starts at 22.00hrs. Arrival / Departure: On the arrival day the quarters are available to you as from 15.00 hrs On the day of departure we would like to ask you to vacate the accommodation by 11.00 o'clock.

We wish you a pleasant stay. Hope you enjoy your time and a chance to relax and have a good rest in this beautiful area.

Thank you very much.

Best regards, Anya and Marcus